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With the consolidation of the Brazilian democracy and the enhancement of more complex and modern economic and social structures, Brazil’s consumers and the public opinion have taken center stage. Communication has become a need rather than just an option, and it has forged relationships whereby credibility is a fundamental value. Nowadays, it is virtually impossible for a company to maintain a good image and at the same time be deliberately omissive in moments of crisis leaving unanswered the questions raised by society.
The chief goal of LuFernandes Media & PR Office is to offer an efficient alternative to corporate communication. We pride ourselves in the quality of our staff, in the use of new technologies and the mastery of media tools to deliver our services.

LuFernandes Media & PR has a team of highly skilled journalists coming from the major newsrooms across Brazil. Drawing on their solid experience, our team has built a strong professional rapport with clients and the Brazilian print, broadcast and electronic media. Through detailed investigation, LuFernandes Media & PR’s journalists translate information into clearly written, quality news stories.  As these professionals possess an in-depth knowledge of the Brazilian media, they forward their stories to the proper vehicles thus ensuring plenty of editorial space.

In order to meet the needs of our clients, we maintain partnerships with companies and professionals specialized in the following media and PR related areas: Trade fairs and events promotion, institutional image surveys, video production, graphic arts, photography and illustration services, print and electronic clipping services, and translation services.

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